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Speedy Tuesday - Moonwatch Only - Speedmaster Identification Guide iBook ReviewQuickly once the introduction of the new Moonwatch Only book (we reviewed here), the authors showed us a bit sneak preview of the was springing up. A mobile sort of their book, to go somewhere with collectors: Moonwatch Only - The Speedmaster Identification Guide iBook.The Speedmaster Identification Guide iBookIt doesn't include many methods from it, but it's an excellent method to have your crucial Speedmaster information in front of you while traveling or going to a watch trade show for example.This Speedmaster Identification Guide can be downloaded just as one iBook on the iPad or iPhone one example is. It is an extension of the book, so to speak, to perform look-up from the Speedmaster appliances are in it likewise, follow an identification program to find out what Speedmaster you're looking at, a breakdown of the Speedmaster components (crown, pushers, bezel, dial, bracelet, case back etc.) and you may read through a couple of tables that list all Speedmaster models showing their production year, reference number, name and (if available) production number.You merely get brief information about a single by way of example, having an image and the vital information (including specifications). Some specifications are rather cryptic, and want a look-up inside the big red (or black 1st edition) book. However, when you already have the publication (i suggest you obtain it if you don't have it already), many of the identifiers utilised in the mobile guide make perfect sense. In spite of the steep price for just a book (although watch enthusiasts are getting employed to them), it's going to prevent you making mistakes which can be considerably more expensive. You ought to start to see the Moonwatch Only book (and also other fine watch books) as investment greater than being a expensive book for collectors. If this type of book can keep you from buying a Speedmaster together with the incorrect set of hands, bezel or dial, it's going to actually conserve a quantity which enables this book small change.The Speedmaster Identification Guide iBook Step-By-StepLet's have a look at the several chapters from the Speedmaster Identification Guide. Firstly, you should download (and purchase) the ebook employing your iBook app. Check this page to do that. Next, there is a book as part of your iBooks app, besides your other books (for those who have any). Tap it, and here we go.Identification ProgramTap the initial option, that is the Identification Program and tap Start. Now you follows a step-by-step flow that starts with the identification in the Omega logo for the Speedmaster dial, either the applied one or printed logo. Then, using the identification in the indexes (tritium or Super-LumiNova), step dial or flat dial you will be inspired to find out the case back. After that on, you will end up guided for the exact reference number of the watch. As can be seen in the 6-step program below. ComponentsThe components part is very useful so that you know familiar with the many differences and properties of the Speedmaster parts. You can see info on calibers, casebands, dials, bezels, hands, case backs, crowns, pushers, crystals and bracelets. Below, two examples are shown. That of the Speedmaster movements as well as the bracelets. Using the movements, Moonwatch Only defined 5 categories (from the till E), starting at caliber 321. Category E is 'Special Calibers', let's quickly tap that certain. Here you will note a brief summary of six different movements. Since i have use a watch with caliber 861L, let's tap any particular one (categorized as E1. 861L). There, it gives you a pleasant clean image of the movement, if it was in production as well as in which reference number it is used.My other example is one of the bracelets. An extremely useful guide, as many questions that individuals receive here on Fratello have to do with bracelets. cartier watches replicas All bracelets to the Moonwatch are in there, in the initial 7077/6 type bracelet up until the latest 1958/957 that may be being employed inside standard Moonwatch model since 2014. I tapped the Holzer bracelet, that is a rare bracelet made in Mexico for a lot of 145.022 models. ModelsTo some, it could be very helpful to simply search for a selected Speedmaster model and range from there. Easy, tap Models and then you are being asked if you want to understand the standard production Speedmaster models or special and limited series, similar as what it's being categorized inside Moonwatch Only book.Let's tap Special and Limited Series. Here, you get a review of these models in a choice of models (Commemorative Missions, Commemorative Omega, Country Editions along with editions). I am going to tap Other Editions. Here you will discover an overview of silver pieces and also steel models. Over these overviews you already begin to see the names of these special editions. Let's tap the newest, the Speedy Tuesday special. TablesFor the die-hards, the creators with the Speedmaster reference included several tables inside the Speedmaster Identification Guide. Tap the kind of Speedmaster which you decide on, categorized to steel models with either solid case backs or display backs, Speedmasters with Moonphase complication and special and limited series. Here you will discover large overviews with all the production date, reference number, name and caliber. To my best knowledge the Moonwatch Only Speedmaster Identification Guide iBook usually be quite complete. Some ThoughtsTo me, as a collector of Speedmaster replica watches, this Moonwatch Only - Speedmaster Identification Guide iBook is a no-brainer. We need this. Much like I require the third and fourth edition of the book. I absorb everything Speedmaster. If I take a measure back, and consider the Speedmaster nerd out, the iBook Speedmaster Identification Guide isn't an necessity if you already have a printed copy with the book. That particular includes almost everything you need to understand regarding the Speedmaster watch. Omega did their bit too and verified just as much as they can, in order to assume that information from the Moonwatch Only book is proper and up-to-date (that's why there's a 2nd edition) rolex 1016 .Are you needing the Moonwatch Only Mobile Guide without the Moonwatch Only book? Sure, this ibook provides you with great guidance while you are with regards to the buy a vintage or special edition (discontinued) Speedmaster so you have got all the in front of you. You can use the identification program to find out if all info is correct and make sure you won't make expensive purchases. The problem you'll be able to encounter if you have this ibook but not the printed Moonwatch Only book, is that you simply are not aware of the exact explanation for a few on the replica watches and their parts for example. Some of the context may be missing, that is what make this ibook additionally a tiny teaser for your Moonwatch Only book. watches This ibook carries a cost of 29,99 Euro (or $32.99 USD). Details can be found here.